About Us

Located in South Tangerang, Bat & Partners Law Office. provide a full range of legal services to individuals and business entities throughout Indonesia. We are prepared to address the issues and contingencies that arise during our legal representation and recommend the course of action that is in our clients’ best interest. Our skilled and experienced lawyers use reasoned legal analysis and strive to solve our clients’ problems. Clients can expect that we will act responsibly and professionally to protect their legal interests and vindicate their legal rights. Our lawyers have extensive experience in their areas of practice, and we work collaboratively to take advantage of the firm’s collective resources and talents.

bat law office

We advise you to act quickly if you meet any legal issues. Our lawyers are highly dedicated to our clients’ success and securing the future of their interest. We strive to respond to calls and emails within a day. Please email us at info@batlawoffice.com

or you can also contact us on the following number.